Key Investment Indicators

Why we are a leader
  • We lead in relevant product categories. Check what industry analysts say here.
  • We empower our customers offering vendor neutrality and integration of systems from large brands.
  • We enable our customers to evolve their business and become a truly connected enterprise.

Why we are robust

  • Over 50 years, since our foundation in 1969, we built a strong blue-chip customer base.
  • We make sure our revenue is risk-balanced by industry and geography.
  • Our leaders are a team of experienced experts that foster talent development and sustainable growth.

Why we are reliable

  • Two thirds of our license revenue in 2020 came from growing market segments.
  • 85% of our 2020 total product revenue was recurring, coming from subscription, SaaS, and maintenance.
  • We ensure continuous return to our shareholders (dividend 2020: €0.76; more info here).