Harnessing the Power of our Diversity

Software AG is in the third year of a transformation that started following the arrival of our CEO Sanjay Brahmawar in 2018. Sanjay initiated the HELIX transformation program, which launched us on a journey to become a more flexible and agile organization, unlock our true potential and position us as leaders in our target markets.  With the appointment of CHRO Dr Elke Frank to the Management Board in 2019, the importance of our people and our culture to achieving our HELIX goals was further reaffirmed.

HELIX requires us to see ourselves, our business and our customers in a new way. It requires new perspectives, a willingness to listen and to rethink our individual points of view. Further, our team must be a reflection of society as it is today and of the communities we are part of.  As such, Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) is fundamental for building a culture in which HELIX can succeed.

We are progressing in our efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusion across the organization. This has included a variety of initiatives in response to employee feedback gathered via regular employee surveys and targeted DE&I listening sessions. Among the actions taken to date is the establishment of a new senior global role focused on DE&I together with the formation of a global team of DE&I Ambassadors to champion diversity across the organization.

Our leadership team have publicly confirmed their commitment to diversity by signing the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter) and by joining The Valuable 500,. In addition, two of our Board Members are Executive Sponsors of our DE&I initiatives. Moreover, we are undertaking a comprehensive and targeted DE&I awareness and training program for all stakeholder groups, including our Board and Executive Leadership Team. These efforts are enhanced by an ongoing program of Diversity Awareness initiatives on various topics including Gender, Cultural Diversity, LGBTQI+, Disability and more. In addition, we support various women’s initiatives including Women’s Networks in both Germany and India.

Drawing on our learnings during Covid-19, we have started the implementation of a hybrid working model to provide all employees with greater flexibility over where and when they work to further improve work-life balance.

We understand that being diverse, equitable and inclusive transforms our individual differences into a collective cultural strength, while also making Software AG a better place to work for everyone.