Employee Health

A top priority at Software AG

At Software AG, we are passionate about motivating employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle and supporting their mental and physical health. A successful corporate health management program helps improve the health of employees, reduces physical and mental strain from work, prevents disease, enables a smooth re-entry, reduces health-related absences, and increases employee satisfaction as well as commitment. To achieve the goals of its health promotion program and allow it to be assessed by experts, Software AG is working together with public health insurance companies in Germany.

Software AG has a management system for workplace safety and health protection that covers all employees of the Company and its subsidiaries in Germany. The Workplace Safety Committee meets on a regular basis; the Workplace Safety Officer is the go-to contact for employees about any issues on workplace safety and health protection and advises departments accordingly. Moreover, the departments receive advice on ergonomic workspace design. The Workplace Safety Officer conducts regular risk evaluations of workspaces.

Many health initiatives are carried out globally, at least in those countries in which the government permits private companies to offer such, for example, the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign for employees (voluntary and free for the employees). At Software AG, absence due to illness is below average for German companies. In addition to our global initiatives, we have many other local health and wellbeing initiatives in each of our various countries.

For many employees, having the opportunity to balance personal life, family and work is a crucial aspect in assessing physical and mental strain from work. The need for flexible working hours and models varies from one Software AG location to the next. Software AG offers employees in Germany flexible work hours, various part-time models, and a 50-plus initiative with special offerings for employees over the age of 50. Flexible work hours and work models are also a competitive factor for recruiting the best talent. Employees gave Software AG a very high score of 4.55 on work/life balance in the #MyVoice global employee survey for 2020.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, all employees whose job permits them to work from home have had the opportunity to do so part-time or full-time if the laws at their location allow it. In addition, there is a COVID-19 task force to enable the Company to react immediately to global developments, establish necessary safety measures, and inform employees. During this challenging time of limited face-to-face contact due to the pandemic, Software AG has prioritized protecting its employees’ physical and mental health whilst ensuring employees are able to maintain a healthy work/life balance. A widely offered and appreciated initiative in this context was the Company’s vaccination program.

Software AG is an advocate for mental health support, with various initiatives implemented across the organisation with the goal to support employees in handling mental burdens and stress. For instance, bi-weekly “Meeting-Free Mondays” were introduced worldwide along with a meditation and mindfulness app for employees. In addition, one of the most recent initiatives is called “Wellness Wednesdays”: each quarter, the Company offers employees the opportunity to take some time to focus on their own wellbeing via a number of virtual wellbeing activities from ‘desk yoga’ to meditation, nutrition talks, and more. Software AG just rolled out a new initiative via which it provides free employee assistance programs (EAPs) in all our countries, enabling all employees access to local language psychological support or professional counselling to help them manage any kind of personal or work-related stress or crisis.

Software AG works to continually adapt its programs to meet employee needs and improve the high ratings it receives on employer evaluation platforms like Glassdoor and Kununu, and thus increase its appeal as an employer to existing and potential employees.