Non-Financial Statement

                Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Responsible conduct and sustainability are guiding principles for Software AG. We define sustainability not only as the creation of long-term values for our stakeholders, but expand it to include our customer relationships, our technology, our partnerships, our investments in the Company and our employees’ expertise as well. All this has defined our core values for many years. Software AG will continue developing these values for the benefit of our shareholders and the Company as a whole.

Software AG’s non-financial reporting encompasses the aspects listed in section 289c (2) of the HGB: combating corruption and bribery, respect of human rights, employee concerns, social and environmental matters, as well as, additionally, the aspect of customer concerns. Software AG ensures its accountability by assigning non-financial matters to the members of the Management Board according to their respective roles and responsibilities. The topics of environment, social and governance (ESG; including combating corruption and bribery) are assigned to the CEO and therefore have the highest level of priority.