& Corporate Social Responsibility


Our action plan for a truly connected and sustainable world

Our fundamental conviction is that only a truly connected world can be a sustainable world. We are committed to helping the business world shape a smarter and better tomorrow.

To us at Software AG, creating a sustainable future is about generating not only economic but also ecological and social value. Together with our devoted team, customers and partners, we are actively shaping a better tomorrow through positive action today. This is the spirit of our sustainability journey.

                Value for Society

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the foundation of everything we do; it is firmly anchored in our DNA. We help customers optimize their sustainable use of resources to backing important social programs and working with educational institutions around the world to promote the next generation of IT talent. We choose cultural diversity and employees who care about people and progress—now and in the future.

Dr. Peter Schnell, the cofounder of Software AG, laid the foundation for responsible action that lives in our company to this day. Back in the 1990s, he contributed all his stock in the company to launch the Software AG Foundation. It operates as an independent foundation and uses the earnings from its assets to promote ongoing human and social development.