Market and Competition


Software AG has global market coverage. Its geographic sales markets are divided into the following three regions: Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), and APJ (Asia-Pacific and Japan). Measured by percentage of product revenue, the EMEA region—with Germany as Software AG’s domestic market—is the largest sales market, followed by the Americas and APJ regions.

As the world's biggest IT market with respect to sales revenue, the North American market is of crucial importance, with US government agencies playing a key role for Software AG's business. In addition to Germany as the Company's domestic market, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, and the Middle East are the most important sales markets in the EMEA region; in the APJ region, Australia is the largest single market.

In addition to the geographic perspective, target markets can also be separated by industry. When it comes to sales revenue, the public sector, IT industry, and financial service providers are the most important customers here, followed by the manufacturing industry.


The market for enterprise software is still in the midst of a fundamental transformation. The development of new business models has brought new, innovative competitors onto the scene with technology startups and former industry outsiders. At the same time, customer market power has grown. and established companies are facing major innovative pressure.

In light of this situation, portfolio quality and ongoing development as well as differentiation from the competition with customized solutions and independent positioning are key criteria for success. Software AG's key differentiators are a vendor-neutral portfolio, being a reliable and proven partner, plus having the right size (see info box below). The Management Board believes that with these unique selling points, Software AG can address customers’ growing need for custom solutions. Moreover, the Company is positioning itself in the most important growth markets with its products for integration, process improvement, digital transformation, and with its IoT technologies.

Software AG has established a basis for effective market cultivation and higher sales productivity through a focused, scalable go-to-market model. Extending the partner network and close collaboration with universitiesand research institutions support this direction.

Software AG’s Unique Selling Points

  • Vendor-neutral portfolio
    Software AG enables the integration of different systems and technologies from different providers—now and in the future.
  • Reliable and proven
    For over 50 years, Software AG has been a trusted partner for thousands of top companies in more than 70 countries. Gartner, Forrester and other market analysts name Software AG a technology leader every year because of its innovative power.*
  • The right size
    Software AG is large enough to support major companies and agile enough to be able to focus on individual customer requirements.

*Here you can find the latest industry analyst reports.